The Regulatory Mendelian Mutation (ReMM) score was created for relevance prediction of non-coding variations (SNVs and small InDels) in the human genome (hg19/hg38) in terms of Mendelian diseases.


We have an external website for scoring positions, ranges, and VCF files. It contains an API and UCSC tracks are available. Please visit We recommend this as a major source for ReMM.


The ReMM score is genome position wise (nucleotide changes are neglected). We precomputed all positions in the human genome (hg19 and hg38 release) and stored the values in a tabix file (1-based). The scores ranging from 0 (non-deleterious) to 1 (deleterious).

If you want to use the ReMM score together with the Genomiser, please have a look at the Exomiser framework manual


Version 0.4:


Version 0.3.1.post1:


Version 0.3.1:


Version 0.3:



If you you the ReMM Score please cite the following:

Damian Smedley,  Max Schubach,  Julius OB Jacobsen,  Sebastian Köhler,  Tomasz Zemojtel, Malte Spielmann, Marten Jäger, Harry Hochheiser, Nicole L Washington, Julie A McMurry, Melissa A Haendel, Christopher J Mungall, Suzanna E Lewis, Tudor Groza, Giorgio Valentini, Peter N Robinson. (2016). 
A Whole-Genome Analysis Framework for Effective Identification of Pathogenic Regulatory Variants in Mendelian Disease. 
The American Journal of Human Genetics, 99(3), 595–606.